The hidden backlash…or equality reversals reversing equality…


Female only space protects female safety. Purely that. Nothing more.
Safety is a human right, not a privilege.
The Victorians, when promoting public hygiene , noted that sex segregated hygiene facilities were essential for female participation In society.
This had nothing to do with modesty, or prudishness, just safety.

Male only spaces do not, and have never, existed to ensure male safety.
They exist to protect, promote, and promulgate the privileges of males, and only males.

Naturally , there’s a furore when either segregation is challenged, as illustrated in the following podcast – – regarding the. Garrick Club.

After all, who wishes to give up their safety?
Who wishes to give up their privilege?

Nobody. That’s who.

And some in society use “equality” as an excuse to keep their privilege whilst ensuring females never achieve actual equality.


Thus…..they insist that access *must* work both ways.
That if females…

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