Crankypants in the house or extroverts and righthanded people are making me nuts

Needy people make me crazy and extroverted men are the worst. I go to Starbucks at lunch because I can read there and download new books and other content on my Kindle and also to get some peace away from my desk and work. There is a temp that sometimes follows me over. Today I’m sitting, head down reading when he decides he needs to talk to me because I’m obviously not doing anything important because I’m ‘just’ reading. So I kept my head down reading or at least trying to while he complained about one of my co-workers sneezing as she came out of the bathroom. She might have sneezed in his direction and he wasn’t looking. Seriously dude???

He finally gave up and went and got his drink when it was ready and went back to work. Now he’s in a snit. I’m one of the few that will talk to temps so I guess he thinks that makes him my friend. He also misguidedly tries to flirt, Dude is a white late 30s Mormon male and as such is totally clueless that he is talking to a 60 year old Druid lesbian who doesn’t give a flying fuck about his flirting and doesn’t have the social skills to see the blowoff. It’s making me nuts. I’m trying not to be rude but I give up.

But this happens to me all the time if I’m sitting alone on a bus and reading. Some needy guy will try to talk to me and when I don’t look up I start to see a foot bobbing up and down or a hand jiggling just inside my sight line or a pen clicking and if that doesn’t work , the foot or the hand gets closer and sometimes it goes so far as a bump.

What is it with some men that they are so needy that they go out of their way to annoy people because they need attention? It happens in airports and restaurants. It happens on buses. It happens in post office lines. It happens anywhere a grown up person should be able to entertain themselves. Women don’t do this, It’s always some guy. I love people that have their head down on their smart phone. It means they won’t be bugging perfect strangers.

Introverts have to go out of their way most of the time to get some peace and to own their own space. Extroverts too often don’t get that or they frankly don’t care because it’s all about them and what they want. They are the guys that sit on the train and on the bus with their legs wide open squishing some poor woman into the wall and looking surprised if you dare tell them to put your knees together. I have a really bad habit of planting my cane and starting to push them into the space they are supposed to be in. Too often it reminds me of back seat battles with my little brother because he was over the line into my side. Men, grow up! You have your own space, you can’t have my seat too.

It’s bad enough that the whole effing building is oriented to right handed extroverts without territory encroaching morons. How do I know it’s oriented to right handers? Our elevators have to be programed to the floor you are going to and you have to enter your floor on the pads in the hallway to get the elevator to go to your floor and once in the elevator you can’t change it. There are no floor buttons inside the elevators. All the key pads are on the right side of hallways walking from any entrance. There is not one key pad on the left side of the hall. There are 8 in total on three hallways on the main floor, again not one on the left side of the hall even though you must turn left from the employee entrance hallway to get to the elevator. This means any leftie has to cross the hallway to find a keypad or wait until they get to the actual elevator bays to key your floor in.

Can you tell I’m having a cranky day?

One thought on “Crankypants in the house or extroverts and righthanded people are making me nuts

  1. Funny you mention this. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I won’t go into too much but I’m in a similar situation at work only the guy is the manager that pushed for me to be hired on. Like…I could like him as a friend but I mean I’m bi and have had little experience with the same sex and am more willing to open up to that then be with men at this point. Anyhow, yes, wtf is up with the male-cock-poking-everywhere-syndrome? I can understand loneliness… I don’t understand the push to be validated alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll thhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeee tiiiiiiime! AH!

    And I can sorta relate to you with the right hand thing. I’m ambidextrous and some days all I want to use is the left hand and society kinda crushes that so…I can relate a bit.

    Sorry about your day. Maybe a nice bath and relaxing soaps and great tea can cleanse away the “dickness” interrupting your life. Just a thought. 🙂


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