One thought on “An Open Letter to Duggar Defenders

  1. Was over at a relative’s house who had a baby just old enough to sit up in the highchair and get mushy food somewhere near her own mouth. The mom’s mother was there and we were all chatting as the kid ate. Now I noticed nothing about the baby’s behavior that was unusual. But suddenly grandma is giving the mom a LOOK like something is wrong. The mom went over and held the baby’s legs against the footrest of the highchair for the rest of the meal. I asked why and was told that their church taught that if you let a baby move his/her legs too much, then that was a sign of rebellion and the kid had to disciplined. And if a boy got caught playing with a doll or a girl with a toy gun, it was a matter for punishments and lectures. Funny thing is that the kid became a handful as a teenager just like most other kids.


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