30 days of devotion – Brighid – day 19

19. What quality or qualities of this deity do you most admire? What quality or qualities of them do you find the most troubling?

Hmm, this is difficult and even after several days I’m not sure there is an answer to the second question.

I admire her support of women in all the roles they might want to pursue. I admire that the Flamekeeping cycle binds women together. There are many things that can bind groups of women together but too many that seek to split women apart and keep them from binding ties to one another. After you leave Girl Scouts if you ever do, the world seems to do it’s best to keep women from having binding ties. Groups like sororities can pit women against each other and promote other women seeing each other as enemies or in competition and yes, I was a member of a sorority and saw it first hand too many times.

Being a camp staff member was the first time I saw women working together in large groups. And when I started working at Girl Scout camps the effect was even greater. Yes, there were women that competed with each other but it wasn’t for the attention of a male. It was a lot more friendly and it didn’t matter whether you were straight or gay. A lot of those women are still holding pieces of my heart. It was an atmosphere of creativity and the first place I wrote many songs. I was Arts and Crafts Director at more than one camp and I got to encourage girls to be creative and to try and learn new things in a safe place to succeed or fail and there are very few places like that for girls.

Coming out as a lesbian added another dimension to those friendships, very few of my straight Girl Scout friends turned away from me unlike women at church or other groups. One of the many reasons I found my parent’s church unwelcoming. Finding the Goddess opened me up to another world of women I never even knew existed. In the 1980’s that discovery remade my entire psyche. Now it doesn’t come to s surprise to most people but 30 years ago? That was unknown territory and it is one I will never leave. Here are the sisters of my deepest heart. The other three women in our Grove’s core are the ones who stand in the quarters of my heart and I’m pretty sure I stand in a quarter of theirs’ as well. Brighid, opened my heart to the widest of love and possibilities. She inspires me as little else does.

I don’t think I find any quality of the goddess Brighid troubling that I have encountered. I might if I was focused on the more limiting concept of Saint Brigit but the goddess, no.