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Identifying versus existing


?identify? is a kind of a weird and pointless way to talk about what makes you female. I?ve never once thought about identifying as my actual literal physical form. It?s like saying you identifying as a brain in a meat suit with a super intelligent gut. You don?t have to acknowledge how you feel about it, it is just it. We just are. I am a woman. My relationship with gender only relates to being a woman in that gender = gender roles and those are enforced on both sexes (and often more violently enforced on intersex people), but women get the inferior gender roles because men made up a whole lot of lies and excuses to control us and maintain their power.

Appearing as something does not make you something. Saying you feel like something does not change you into that thing. Trust me when I say trans women…

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Today’s reading


Four of Cups

Lethargy or laziness, locking an individual in a cycle of wasted energy, while all around is the source of inspiration, there for the taking.

… apathy… lethargy…, being unaware of the bounty of life around. Being shut indoors, bored and unstimulated. Pent up frustration. Need to get out into the world.

30 Days of Devotion – Brighid – day 16

16. How do you think this deity represents the values of their pantheon and cultural origins?

I’m not sure that this Goddess represents the values of the pantheon as much as she represents what was important to the people who followed her and Brighid was an important enough Goddess that the Christians had to make her saint to stop her worship, if indeed it ever did.

So what was important? Healing. Everyone got sick and we still do. Illness and sickness are part of the human condition. It may have been easier to die then from sepsis or dysentery or any of a number of causes but we still get sick so healing is still a biggie, if just for the comfort it gives us.

Artisanship – Craftsmanship, will hopefully always be important even if planned obsolescence is a part of modern life. It was important to have well made tools in the days where you couldn’t just head over to Sears for a new set of Craftsman tools. Your tools had to be handmade and sharpened by the local blacksmith whether it was your plow or your sickle or the bucket in your well, or the cradle your baby was lying in. It’s what keeps Craft Faires still happening because people want handmade things that last.

Inspiration – Food of Bards, we still are in need of stories that tell about our lives and that hasn’t changed and I hope it never will. Tell me a story is an age old cry and Brighid has inspired many a poet and musician, storyteller and spinner of tales.

Those three things describe a lot that is important to humans and always will be important.