The Responsibility of Climbers


Canyonlands National Park and Castle Valley Canyonlands National Park and Castle Valley

Today I was at my kitchen table thumbing through the latest Patagonia catalog, which discussed some of the issues regarding the explosion of popularity of climbing in Southeastern Utah and how it’s affecting the overall landscape. It’s not new that Indian Creek, Moab, and the areas between Dead Horse, Arches, and Canyonlands National Park are some of the iconic locales of American climbing. However as we’re seeing at an alarming rate, it isn’t just the effect of mass climbers on the environment, but the effect that the proposed legislation may have on public lands. This is just an example of the issues that rock climbers, mountaineers, and enthusiasts of the high hills face, not just in Utah, but all over the United States. The threatening of industry, public lands made private, mountains closed and walls defaced in the name of business interests. I think that…

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