Dear pro-feminist men

Sing it!

The DeepGreen Blog

Stop encroaching into women-only spaces. That goes for online spaces as well. Stop being defensive when women highlight that you are doing this and stop pitting women against one another. It’s great that you like to voice your support for women and fight patriarchy, but it’s not so great when you run into women’s spaces and begin writing/saying pretty much the same things women have said for a really long time. And for whom are you writing when you take up space in women’s spaces online or offline ? Our work as pro-feminist males (or allies) should be to voice our support by writing aimed at men. Create our own platforms in which we can share our views and work. No, I’m not saying you can’t talk to women, No I’m not saying you can never work alongside women. I’m saying stop taking up women’s spaces. Stop voicing yourself over…

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