30 days of devotion – Brighid – Day 13

  1. What modern cultural issues are closest to this deity’s heart?

(Sorry for the lapse but I was visiting with my friend that has ALS and her partner and then got sick.)

I’m not sure this one even applies. Why would a modern culture issue be any different from an ancient one?

She was a Goddess of healing.  People need healing now just as they did in ancient times. That will never change. The diseases may be different unless the anti-vaxxers get their way and all bets are off but otherwise healing and the need for it is pretty universal. I do think we need to change the way we handle death and dying.

The ancients accepted it as a part of life and we wall ourselves off from it as if to deny it instead of preparing for it just as we prepare for birth. We will all die and some of us sooner than later. And that is also a part of healing, the acceptance and the easing of death and doing it with dignity. We should not be letting people die in pain because they “might” get drug addicted. Or the denying that a fatal disease is not fatal and taking unnecessary and painful measures due to fear both from the dying and the people around them.

Clean water, people have always needed clean water so that isn’t new. In the time of drought we need water in the wells that are running dry and we need them not to be polluted by fracking which if we switched to alternate fuels we would have no need for except to line the 1%s pocket.

The upholding of women’s rights. Women had more rights in ancient Ireland and in a lot of the Celtic world if you look at the old Brehon laws. She could own property, she could divorce her spouse or take a temporary one. She could be a war leader. I think we could uphold women and not say they have no right to what happens to their own bodies. Women were equal partners in marriage and she remained the sole owner of any property she had before marriage. It would be nice if those laws were still in existence around the world.

Goddess of Inspiration – Still need it, maybe even more so. Goddess of smithcraft or artisanship, check!

Ancient needs weren’t so different from our needs.