Archive | May 1, 2015

Creative Ritual – Beltane in the ICU

We did a Beltane ritual last Sunday for M in the hospital. If you want to do creative ritual, a room in ICU will be the place to try it if you have to. No scents, no fire, nothing that you normally would think about to have ritual. So you get creative. After a visit to the hospital’s little coffee place on Friday we had an idea.

We decided coffee and tea had all the elements you need to build the ritual even if M can’t drink either any more.

Earth is the beans and the tea leaves that start it

Air for the lovely smells that the air carries.

Water, well, you can’t have coffee or tea without water.

Fire – the lovely warmth that turns beans and leaves into a libation

And Spirit for what they do for you when you are tired and depressed.

We added a battery powered candle and a very cool tea light that cycled through about 7 colours and our singing voices and a ritual was born.

We sang the Knot of Isis and Epona’s Creed for her and we started with my coven’s chant that was born in one of our first rituals almost 30 years ago: Earth, Air, Fire and Water, render power unto your daughters and it’s a nice round when it gets going.

The tricky part of the whole thing was timing it between the nurse, the respiratory therapist and the hospitalist and housekeeping’s visits. We managed it but it was close.

It was lovely to see M’s mouth moving with the words even though she can’t sing aloud any longer.