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Gay Marriage: “Tell me why I shouldn’t hate you…?” asks the straight Christian to the lesbian by Marie Cartier

Every hospital but one I have ever been in and I’ve been in quite a few, my partners or friends have had to lie and say they were my sisiters. The one that didn’t was oddly enough, a Catholic hospital. They asked everyone that came in my room if they needed a bed to stay over night with me because they couldn;t figure out who my partner was. Me, being under morphine at the time thought this was hilarious.

MarieCartierforKCETa-thumb-300x448-72405This is the third of a series exploring gay marriage as a game changer within religion and politics. I have explored the topic as political animus and earlier as almost fairy tale come to life. Today I am examining it from a very person view.

Consider a gay woman (myself) being asked by a straight attempting to understand the “right” for gay marriage, “What does it matter if I know you’re ‘gay’ if I’m not attracted to you?”[1]

Then consider that another right of “marriage” –or being known as “gay”—is the right to be admitted into the hospital room of a loved one, who is considered one’s primary partner, or “spouse.” Yes, one wants to say to the questioning woman in the above scenario, the rights for marriage include the crucial family relationships which allow one person to be able to take sick leave to care for a…

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Today’s reading


  Green Woodpecker
Page of Arrows

The green woodpecker contains the sacred colours of nature – red, white, green and gold – and is known in folklore as a `yaffle’ because of its distinctive laughing call. It is said to hold the secrets of the Tree of Life, as it spirals up trees and disappears within them to nest.

Their drumming (pecking) on trees which echoes through the woodland heralds your entry to a place of the heart.

In the tarot the pair of woodpeckers look at each other, a third flying down the arrow shaped path, guiding you to love.