Some more Gaelic

Here you are, Dakotawolf801 and for anyone else a bit lost on Gaelic pronunciation

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Notes about Gaelic

The emphasis is almost always on the first syllable so if you are emphasizing any other syllable you are doing it incorrectly.

There are only 18 letters in the Gaelic alphabet – There are no J, k, q, v, w, x, y or z.

A is pronounced like the a in hat or cat

Ah is pronounced like the a in are, car or bar

E is pronounced eh in bet or let

U is uh as in shut or but, but really more like any vowel found in the middle of an English word.

Ae is pronounced like the a in ale, fail or bale.

Oe is pronounced like woe or owe

Aw as in paw

G is hard as in group or guppie

Tch as in itchy, scratch or chair

Ñ with a tilde is the same as in Spanish with a y, an ny…

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