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30 days of Devotion – Brighid – day 7

  1. Names and epithets

Brighid has many names



St Brigit




Fraid (Wales)

Brigitta ( Belgium)

Breo-Saighit, (Gaul)

Mary of the Gaels

Brighid nam Bratta – Brighid of the Mantles

Brighid Muirghin na tuinne – Conception of the Waves

Brighid Sluagh – spirit of the dead or immortal host

Brighid Binne Bheul Ihuchd nan trusganan uainne – Brighid of the green mantles

Brighid-nan-sitheachseang – Brighid of the Slim Fairy Folk;

She is also sometimes associated with Brigantia,

It also is related to the word Bright which makes sense when you think of her flame aspect.

I’d give footnotes if I remembered where I had learned these although some are from Steve Blamires “Little Book of Great Enchantment. Writings of Willaim Sharp/Fiona MacLeod, On kindle at:

Today’s reading


Nine of Arrows

The spiritual warrior dedicates their arrows of inspiration by playing the bow as an instrument. The inner oath helps keep one on a balanced footing by dedicating skills to a greater good.

…playing a bow (it can be used as a shamanic instrument).

…spiritual dedication and musical skill generating healing energy.

Being at one with your inner heart.

Poetry month – Knot of Isis

At the end of the universe
A blood red cord
Binds life to death and will to destiny
Let the knot of that red sash
Bind us together
Cradling our hips and weaving all our dreams.

(Chours) We are the knot where the whole world meets
Red magic passes through our veins
Magic of magic
Spirit of spirit
We are the power of Isis

We are bound mind to mind
We are bound heart to heart
Heaven in one hand
Earth in the other
We will walk in harmony


Give us not consolation
Give us Magic!
Give us the spell of living well
Give us Magic!

Chorus and
We are the power of Isis
We are the power of Isis
We are the power of Isis

Original translation from the Book of going forth – Normandy Ellis