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Gaelic Resources

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

Okay, I promised that I’d put together a list of Gaelic resources so here they are, starting with my favourites:
G‛aidlig Troimh Ch‛omhradh – by Le Catriona NicIomhair Parsons, – this is the language text we started learning with when it had tapes now it comes with cds. Simple and geared to adults or older teenagers. It uses everyday conversation to teach which I think makes it easier to remember. There are three volumes but the first two are the ones that focus on grammar and usage.

Everyday Gaelic – Morag MacNeill – just about every phrase and common thing you need to know in Gaelic with pronunciation guides.
Those were our first two texts. The others I’ve picked up along the way.

Teach Yourself Gaelic – a Complete Course for beginners – Boyd Roberson and Iain Taylor – Pretty good also with cd.

Colloquial Scottish Gaelic – The Complete…

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Some more Gaelic

Here you are, Dakotawolf801 and for anyone else a bit lost on Gaelic pronunciation

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

Notes about Gaelic

The emphasis is almost always on the first syllable so if you are emphasizing any other syllable you are doing it incorrectly.

There are only 18 letters in the Gaelic alphabet – There are no J, k, q, v, w, x, y or z.

A is pronounced like the a in hat or cat

Ah is pronounced like the a in are, car or bar

E is pronounced eh in bet or let

U is uh as in shut or but, but really more like any vowel found in the middle of an English word.

Ae is pronounced like the a in ale, fail or bale.

Oe is pronounced like woe or owe

Aw as in paw

G is hard as in group or guppie

Tch as in itchy, scratch or chair

Ñ with a tilde is the same as in Spanish with a y, an ny…

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I’m proud to have been one of the contributors about lesbian health issues

Last year I did a series of interviews and other presentations about the challenges a lesbian can face in trying to obtain competent care from healthcare workers. Including some of the whoppers some idiot doctors have confronted me with such as, yes, I’m sure I’m not pregnant. An argument I had with an idiot Middle Eastern doctor in the ER who insisted I could be pregnant and not know it. Uh no! While my partner and the gay x-ray tech howled with laughter.

Thanks for all the fish*

Thank you for the good wishes and prayers. They are truly appreciated. The C word is a really scary word especially in my family with a higher than average cancer occurrence. In my generation of 6 cousins, 3 have already had some form of cancer and my brother died of multiform gliomablastoma. I lost of one of my favourite people almost two years ago to multiple myeloma. I have friends who have survived cancer and friends who have not.

When this all started to go wrong almost a year ago, I thought the problem would go away or be no big deal but it hasn’t and now my doctors are getting really worried because I’ve exhausted all the easy answers and arrived at the place where the hard answers start. It’s not fun.

I’m trying to keep grounded and not to freak out on a regular basis. I’m trying to keep my job and not miss too much work. Partly because sitting at home is really counter-productive and when I’m home I should be illustrating my book and not staring at a wall or playing a game to distract myself which is kind of hard when the symptoms start hitting. Try doing an intricate pen and ink while running to the porcelain goddess, soooo not fun and very hard to get into the zone I need for drawing.

And this has been going on while two of the people I love best in the world are dealing with the consequences and realities of ALS in another city so I’ve been flying back and forth, not near often enough to suit me, from Burbank CA to Portland OR. Nothing like getting on a plane or waiting in an airport when you don’t know if you will be doing the Aztec Two Step in the very near future. It adds to the urgency in ways you can’t even fathom. Their struggles make mine a pale shadow in comparison.

And in a way, flying is easier than planning on going somewhere in a car because I just don’t know what’s going to happen. Really fun when you ride a bus to work most days, NOT!

Anyway, thank you for being there so far on my journey and blessings on yours.

*Look up Douglas Adams if you don’t know what that means