Poetry Month – Brighid

By Cyntia Smith and Ruth Barrett


Hear my words, I’m calling from your heart

And calling from your mind

I am the spark that kindles the flame

And nurtures all mankind

For a jewel of light has been at every root

And lies within the soil’s clay

And it cradles the babe of our visions and dreams

And sends all creation into flight.

Take my hand, I’ll pull to free your stance

I pull only at first

And when you push on to make out a path

The waiting seed pods burst

There’s a fountain that flows and deep within the rock

And satisfies the thirst in all.

And it cools the brow when the hammer falls

And smooths the way for the birth.

So speak my name, I’ll come to any door

And come at any hour

And when you raise your voice and your heart

Your innocence is power

And the healing of love can sweeten bitter taste

And wash the poison from the wound

And it fills every sail to ride upon the sea

And guides every vessel homeward bound.