The New Yorker asks “What is a woman?”

Gender Is War

Michelle Goldberg writes:

What is a woman? The dispute between radical feminism and transgenderism

“This moment where we’re losing the ability to say the word ‘woman’ or to acknowledge the fact that being born female has lived consequences and meaning is kind of intense to me.”

Of course, we can still use the word “woman” and work specifically for women’s liberation. If we can deal with the death threats and other abuse from trans advocates.

This is what it looks like:

Abusive posts proliferated on Twitter and, especially, Tumblr. One read, “/kill/terfs 2K14.” [The slur “TERF” stands for “Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist.”] Another suggested, “how about ‘slowly and horrendously murder terfs in saw-like torture machines and contraptions’ 2K14.” A young blogger holding a knife posted a selfie with the caption “Fetch me a terf.” Such threats have become so common that radical-feminist Web sites have taken to…

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