on the road again

I got paid part of my check this am. (I split my paycheck between my credit union and my bank and the credit union pays a day earlier than the bank.) Anywho, I bought the plane tickets for my next trip to Portland and this time I lucked out because it was on sale even if it wasn’t for the price in the email. Yay! Nonstop both ways for a change.

Di is flying up the same time but from a different airport and then we are going to camp out in PDX until we can catch the am train to Hillsboro which is the closest train station to D and M’s place near Gaston, OR. It will be an adventure! PDX is a fun airport to wait in even if we don’t sleep. They have a Powell’s bookstore and lots of restaurants and places to sit and a Starbucks or two or three. I get in at 11 and Di gets in after me.

When I get the rest of my check tomorrow, I’m getting this: http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/63915?productId=529350&catalog_id=TA&attrValue_0=Sunflower

If I have to check it I think I’ll be able to see it in the baggage claim among all those lovely black suitcases. LOL!

M has had a trach now and is learning to deal with it but with a lot of anxiety. It’s hard to bypass a lifetime of breathing through your mouth and nose and then to not be able to feel it is a bit of a freak out. She is now basically a quadriplegic and needs 24 hour care but there is a big problem finding qualified care givers. So M has agreed to try a foster home for people in her situation.

ALS is a vicious thieving disease.

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