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Patriarchy and the Establishment of ‘Objective Facts’: The Narrative is Already Gendered

Jeanne de Montbaston

'The Fall of Icarus,' c. 1560-70. ‘The Fall of Icarus,’ c. 1560-70.

Every now and again, because I don’t know any better, I end up engaging with my favourite brand of Idiot on the Internet, the intellectual mansplainer. You know the sort of thing: you mention you’re studying late-medieval women’s reading, and they start to explain to you how Derrida helped them understand why it’d be better to read Chaucer. Or Shakespeare. Or, you mention gendered violence and they explain – more in sorrow than in anger – that men have always fought wars while women stayed home raised the babies, and history really teaches us how bad men have always had it. If you’re lucky – and I’m sometimes very lucky, because writing like a dyslexic does have a delightful tendency to make people underestimate you – they’ll eventually offer to dazzle you with the beauty of their logic. Ingrained in this discourse will be terms…

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The word “cis” is male-centric. / “Cis” is anti-feminist.

The Prime Directive

Stop using the word “cis.” It’s a slur against women. But, Secretly Radical says, it’s not just a slur but also a representation of male domination against women.

Let’s take a simple statement:

Cis women are privileged over trans women [and should therefore elevate and center trans women in feminism.]

Now let’s break it down.

Cis women are privileged over trans women = female women are privileged over male women.

Cross out the common denominator “women,” and you get to the heart of the matter: females are privileged over males [and should therefore elevate and center males in feminism.] MRA much?

Even using the most clear-cut, limited definition of “trans,” “cis” as not-trans, when applied to women, still centers and elevates males over females.

In a similar vein, Week Woman discusses how she was confronted with the term “cis” and how it doesn’t fit her lived experience as a…

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