Thanks for the award! Black Wolf Blogger

Kintal who has a marvelous blog above nominated me for a new award


This is fun especially since one of my totems is a white wolf that everyone can see but me. I can feel her. I’ve just never seen her. My friend Kathy was the first to mention her. Kathy was half Native American and used to tease me about the things that followed me around. She was the person that introduced me to my first HP and was the only person I have ever met that my magic fitted together into a hole in a puzzle piece, especially when we did workings at camp. I still miss her and if this award did nothing more than bring a treasured friend back on a gloomy Monday morning it would be a treasure.

I nominate :

The Ditzy Druid who is anything but:

The Purple Broom

The Formerly Musings of a Kitchen Witch,

Biblebelt Witch:


And last not least, the always thougthful Lady Imbrium:

I follow 309 blogs and there are so many worthy blogs but those are the one in my minds forefront today.

Thanks Kintal for making my day!

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