Archive | April 3, 2015

Musings on a day of nothing

Every month the system goes down and we can’t do anything until after the computer runs and everything checks out so this is the third day in a row where we have to look busy. Today I’ve been having way too much fun working on my family tree.

I’m starting a bit of a detective project. My friend who has ALS has always insisted that she is named after me and that her mother’s family knew mine while they were still in Canada, soooo I’m putting together her family tree and trying to match any intersections that might confirm that. It would be really cool if I could for both of us crazy Scottish redheads.

I’m going to see if I can afford the DNA test soon since the price as come down but first I have some plane tickets to purchase and some new badly needed smaller luggage. I think I’m getting the medium size of the LL Bean Adventure duffle on wheels. I have the extra large and it’s a pain in the tuckus to lug around when we take the train after we get off the plane in Portland. It’s just too damn big and I’m thinking of the sunflower yellow because trying to find a black or dark bag is a pain in the luggage carousel and I’m tired of the red one I’ve been lugging around. I’ll be able to spot the yellow a mile away especially if I get it monogrammed too.  Maybe it will help me travel lighter. This one: And on Alaska Airlines I can do the carryon thing with it since it’s an inch smaller than their limit. So this and my backpack for the electronics and I’m all set.

Why is having to look busy more tiring and stressful than actually being able to do work?

Ali and I  were going to go the Grand Opening of our new Farmer Boys this weekend but they aren’t going to open now until the 29th sigh. Alison and I love Farmer Boys, we discovered them when we used to go the Ren faire in Irwindale. They have the best food and it’s fresh and locally sourced. They are opening two in the San Fernando Valley, one in Northridge this month and one in Chatsworth in July. I can’t wait but I guess we can’t go this weekend or the 29th because I will be in Portland that weekend.

Good Friday ( AKA the blessed zombie celebration start), Passover and down computers are really downers because almost no one is here and the ones who are here are leaving after lunch. Maybe I can do improv modern dance when everyone leaves or bowling down the aisles. Or I could even get creative and maybe write something if I can pursue the butterfly of inspiration?

So I played with trying to do my cousin John Brown on The Scottish one that was Queen Victoria’s ghillie not the American one who was mouldering in the grave.