Archive | March 24, 2015

Why Circle News? Why not?

For anyone who is not familiar with Circle News AKA Circle Network News to us old farts, I highly recommend it. It has lots of good stuff in it. The current issue is on Ritual and you can even download it to your Kindle for $5 an issue.

I met Selena and Dennis at my first Harvest Moon in 1984? Or 1985. A long time ago anyway and just fell in love with her working style at the 2nd Harvest Moon our coven did our first workshop and women’s ritual and was honoured to have her attend. And considering my coven is crazy and she went along with everything, she is awesome in my book.

As an aside, my coven over the years we did the public women’s ritual did things like one on Power tools and used things like electric corn poppers to call Air and a child’s lawn mower for Earth, another year we used Wonder bread. We had a hippie anti-war one for Operation Desert Storm, we had a Primordial Soup one and I was supposed to be the Goddess Julia Child creating the soup but somehow morphed into the Swedish Chef. Everyone had to throw ingredients into the soup and create the universe. Another year we were all the goddess and we (the coven) had made driver’s licenses for all the women with a piece of mylar for the portrait section to be a mirror and put the words to The Pretenders Hymn to Her on the back so they had a teeny tiny song sheet. So our rituals could get a bit wild and the women always went home with something. One year it was acorns, another Fimo glow in the dark moons and of course the Goddess licenses. People still tell me they have them on their altars and it’s been over 20 years since most of them.

So the fact that Selena enjoyed the crazy rituals was a big thing to a brand new coven with bright shiny new witches and not the old and gray ones we are now. It look me a long time to think about sending my stuff in. Who knows next might be SageWoman or some other pub.

One step forward

I did something I’ve been promising myself to do for a long time. I’m a big chicken sometimes. I submitted one of my Littlest Druid stories for the next issue on Life Passages of Circle Network News. Who knows if they will take it but I did it.