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I’m about ready to give up and scream about this cold, bronchial monster etc. Friday night there was no sleep because all I could hear was the noise my lungs were making. I even went down stairs and tried to sleep in the Lazyboy and I hate that chair but you can stay sort of upright and still be lying down so I tried it, no go. So I stayed up and once I was upright in the morning and moving around I was okay and the noise seemed to subside. Saturday night, again no sleep by then I had tried, Vicks on my chest, herbs in steam, prescription and non prescription cough meds, my headache meds that I take at bedtime thinking they would knock me out but all they did was make me awake and loopy and frustrated. Downstairs to the chair again.. By then I realized driving to my Urgent Care was not an option, it was too far away in Pasadena and I didn’t think I could drive safely and by then it was 1 am again. At 2, I remember the work sponsored website where you can talk to a live doctor and they can prescribe so I got on my account and if you have a employee phrase your first time is free, I can’t remember the word and I really didn’t want to pay $49 for the stupid thing. I know it’s saved on my email… my work email… which I can’t access from my phone… at home. About that time I get a brain storm, 3 am now, try some hot chocolate. It worked and in 10 minutes I was asleep upstairs with no bronchial noises and I slept to 11 am.

So last night, Vicks, no go, meds, no go, hot chocolate not working, getting really frustrated again, it’s midnight and I absolutely cannot miss work, I remember I have a Thermacare knee thing under the sink that I have never used because they slip and are virtually useless but I’m getting desperate now so I plop the thing on my chest and hope it’s not too old to work. It took a while to heat but it calmed the coughing and the hideous noises my bronchi are making and I fell asleep except for the kitten attacking me because I had Vicks on. (I swear every cat we’ve ever had likes Vicks or Bengay better than catnip and will attempt to help you clean it off.) She was dumped on the floor and told to go bug her momma, my sister.

I’m feeling light headed but at least I’m upright for now

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