Adventures in trying to breathe

I’m having so much fun! Not! I finally called the sub dr since mine was in a car accident and got him to prescribe some cough medicine since I was about to break ribs, don’t laugh, I’ve knocked ribs off my sternum from coughing in the past, it hurts. After about 30 questions he gave me what I wanted which was nice since I usually have to repeat my drug allergies a few times that yes, I’m allergic to both codeine and acetaminophen AKA anything with AP or Tylenol. I wanted Tessalon perles, it’s the only thing I’ve ever found that works. I had them send it to the closest Wahlgreens, I’m glad I called them before I went. No Wahlgreens in the area had it but the woman was nice enough to find the closest Rite Aid that had it. Adventures in allergic reaction prevention. It turns out a lot of people rely on it because they can’t take codeine and this is that season. If I don’t use all this I’m going to hoard it for next time.

I went to bed about 9 and just after 10 I woke up dreaming someone was choking me and I couldn’t breathe, that was also fun and for some reason the kitten decided that was the moment to try and climb the screen on the window over the driveway. It’s two floors straight down to the cement and she just wouldn’t stop, of course, a person yelling at you while coughing isn’t worthy of being paid attention to, dumb human. Because I had coughed and choked myself into a conscious state I checked my email and found out M was in the ER because her trach was giving her problems and may have been infected. So not a happy wake up. Took a long time to go back to sleep and stop coughing. So today I’m back at work and being treated like a leper even though one of them probably gave it to me last week.

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  1. Allow yourself two weeks. That’s about how long the actual garbage lasted for me. I’m still coughing but each day a little less. What bothers me most is how wimpy I still feel. I’m easily thrown into frustration or even tears. Feel better.
    Good thoughts for you and M.

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