Druids in LA

Okay, trying to get back on track with my proposed gathering of LA Druids. I got derailed by personal events but I still want to have a gathering of Druids of all the organization and like-minded individuals. I know there are ADF and OBOD people and obviously DCD people here. I’ll bet there are others hiding in the LA shrubbery.

I’m thinking of Franklin Canyon which is the geographical center of LA and has a nature center and an amphitheater and lots of nature trails or Sepulveda Basin Amphitheater which also has nature trails available and I think April 22, 2016 would be great since it’s Earth Day weekend. It would be fun to do a clean up or service project too while we are there.

I’m hoping we can get at least 50 people and if it works continue it every year. We could use the amphitheater for a few presentations and get to know one another in a wonderful outdoor setting that’s pretty central to all of LA. If I can’t get those maybe I can rent a Scout House that weekend or go to some place like Chilao Nature Center up Angeles Crest or out at one of the other sites like Arcadia Wilderness Park.

I think if we have a shareable picnic feast and have everyone bring something to share and sample, we have people do that with TOILA rituals and we always get a wide variety for people to eat and people with allergies can bring what they need to eat and still eat and network with other Druids. And if it gets hot in the afternoon we can have a Bard sharing corner where people can be quiet and not be too active in the heat.

Anyway that is sort of the idea, I’m tossing around right now. If it works we can always grow.

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  2. Just to make sure we are on the same page here, 2016 (next year) not 2015, right? So this would be on a Friday (if my calendar doesn’t deceive me?) Sounds interesting!!


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