Archive | February 26, 2015

This morning’s adventure



Today was sooo much fun. I spent the morning at Huntington Hospital’s Imaging dept getting an Ultrasound of my whole abdominal region and then a mammogram that was long overdue. I decided to take the train just in case they decided to keep me because if I got admitted then the parking would be outrageous.

So I got up at o dark hundred to take the Orange line to the Redline subway to Union Station and then to the above ground train, the Gold Line. I love the Gold Line it’s the prettiest of our trains and goes through Chinatown and then up through Highland Park to Pasadena. It’s being extended but it isn’t open yet.

Anyway it’s a fun way to travel the distance and way better than fighting the freeway at that time in the morning. The Ultrasound was interesting because I could see the tech’s face and I got the feeling she wasn’t liking what she was seeing but they aren’t allowed to tell you anything. Somehow the process of lying flat made my back go into spasm and that made for more fun. Then I had to truck on down to the Breast facility for tits in a wringer although it wasn’t as traumatic as the last time. The machine didn’t seem to need to compress as hard either that or the tech wasn’t as big a sadist.

When I was little I had a lot of trips to the doctor and my reward for going through it with minimal fuss was a See’s candy sucker. So I promised myself one on the way back. Union Station has a tiny See’s candy stand and a boatload of their suckers. Strangely the most pillaged portion of the sucker display was the chocolate one. I treated myself to 2 since I had 2 procedures. I figure I earned it big time. If you haven’t ever had one and you are out here in California find a See’s and treat yourself. They are hard candy and last forever if you don’t bite it. Anyway it was the only way Mom could get me to cooperate as a kid if something was going to hurt a lot. Like the time I was so skinny and got a shot and the doctor put it through my whole arm and I saw it come out the other side. I remember looking at the doctor and just staring at him while he took it out and tried again. I didn’t cry but I remember wishing him really bad things. He was in his 80’s by then and his son was the one who delivered all of us so it was a family enterprise.

Anyway, I took the trains and the Orange Line back to work and now I wait for someone to read the films and tell me why I hurt so effing much.