I am Woman!

I am a woman.
I have 2X chromosomes
I am a Lesbian
I am a soft butch
I’m proud to be a woman, born of a woman
I am not a role to be played
I am what I do and what I do not do
I use tools skillfully as my father taught me
I am a silver smith like my grandmother
I am a Druid and a witch
I am a Naturalist and got my degree in that field because I love nature and want to preserve it
I used to backpack and now I take walks in the beauty of the world
I have long hair to my waist and I braid it every day
I never wear or own makeup
I make and wear my own jewelry
I don’t wear dresses but I do wear my family kilts
I am a woman
I was born a woman in a woman’s body
I was socialized to be whatever I wanted to be
I play no roles
I am strong
I like working and writing for children
I like storytelling
I tell stories
I can and have built most of the furniture in my home
I can bake well as my great-grandfather did
I’m a woman who loves and honours other women
I love how women smell
I love how women move in their innate gracefulness
I love the hearts and minds of women
I am woman
I love science
I love inquiry
I am curious
I love knowing how and why plants grow the way they do
I love knowing about the cosmos and its dance
I love the beauty of the world and the awe it inspires in me
I like using tools and fire to make glass
I like designing and making things for my friends
I like embroidery and needlepoint and I miss sitting with my friend, Jim to do it
I am not a man and have no interest in being one
I am a butch
I am capable
I am woman
And I will not be silenced
I will not be erased.
I am not a role to play
I am not one thing I do
I am all that I do and think
I am Priestess
I am Druidess
I am Woman
I am a Creator
I am a Destroyer
I am a woman born in a woman’s body and of a woman
I am not a man
And have no interest in being one
I am a woman
I will not be silenced
And I will not be erased!


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