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Gifts of the Green Man – Perennial Patience

The first year it sleeps, the second year it creeps and the third year it leaps

What does it mean? I thought I’d share some gardening stuff today about growing perennials and shrubs.

This is one of the most frustrating things about gardening in the long term. Annuals are the instant gratification portion of gardening. Perennials and other longer lived plants take patience and when you are a brand new gardener you want to see growth. Gardening teaches patience. So when growing things keep in mind that it may take awhile to see anything happening.

First year growth is under the ground. Plants are growing roots and strengthening their stems and trunks so that future growth can be supported. This can annoy the crap out you. We are too trained now to want to see things grow NOW! Not going to happen. If you can’t deal with it, only plant annuals or biennials like artichokes and foxgloves.

The second year it creeps. You will start to see some growth but it won’t be much. The plant is still working on support issues and the gathering of nutrients in the roots but you will get a few blooms on a flowering shrub and if you are very lucky a few fruits but not an enormous amount.

The third year? Watch out! The plant, given enough water and nutrients and not being clobbered by things like late frosts and other weather calamities, it’s going to go boom all over. Vines in particular will go wild. Our solanceae (potato vine) and our Pandora vine looked like they were doing nothing for two years and made me nuts. Now I have to be ruthless with the clippers. Be prepared to start pruning judiciously so it doesn’t get out of hand. And enjoy the perks of enduring the wait.

I am Woman!

I am a woman.
I have 2X chromosomes
I am a Lesbian
I am a soft butch
I’m proud to be a woman, born of a woman
I am not a role to be played
I am what I do and what I do not do
I use tools skillfully as my father taught me
I am a silver smith like my grandmother
I am a Druid and a witch
I am a Naturalist and got my degree in that field because I love nature and want to preserve it
I used to backpack and now I take walks in the beauty of the world
I have long hair to my waist and I braid it every day
I never wear or own makeup
I make and wear my own jewelry
I don’t wear dresses but I do wear my family kilts
I am a woman
I was born a woman in a woman’s body
I was socialized to be whatever I wanted to be
I play no roles
I am strong
I like working and writing for children
I like storytelling
I tell stories
I can and have built most of the furniture in my home
I can bake well as my great-grandfather did
I’m a woman who loves and honours other women
I love how women smell
I love how women move in their innate gracefulness
I love the hearts and minds of women
I am woman
I love science
I love inquiry
I am curious
I love knowing how and why plants grow the way they do
I love knowing about the cosmos and its dance
I love the beauty of the world and the awe it inspires in me
I like using tools and fire to make glass
I like designing and making things for my friends
I like embroidery and needlepoint and I miss sitting with my friend, Jim to do it
I am not a man and have no interest in being one
I am a butch
I am capable
I am woman
And I will not be silenced
I will not be erased.
I am not a role to play
I am not one thing I do
I am all that I do and think
I am Priestess
I am Druidess
I am Woman
I am a Creator
I am a Destroyer
I am a woman born in a woman’s body and of a woman
I am not a man
And have no interest in being one
I am a woman
I will not be silenced
And I will not be erased!

RIP Stormé DeLarverie – Drag King, Activist, Lesbian Legend.

A Shero

Shack Diaries

Stormé DeLarverie is often referred to as the “Rosa Parks” of the gay community. She was born in New Orleans in 1920 to a white father and black mother. Because of this she endured much racism, in addition to other prejudices such as sexism and homophobia….but she fought back with an incredible life…..

In most remembrances of the Stonewall Riots of 1969, it’s largely focused on the gay men and drag queens that were part of the fight back against police raiding the Stonewall Inn. But also a presence that night was Stormé, an out lesbian performer and drag king who was clubbed by police outside of the bar, and who retorted with a punch of her own.

“I hit him,”  “He was bleeding.” she stated.


Stormé  died on May 24, 2014. She was 93-years-old.

A mainstay in the NYC gay community, Stormé was the focus of a 1987…

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