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Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism, But That’s Not The Point. Stop Being Ableist.

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Here are some typical arguments put forward by parents who choose not to vaccinate their otherwise healthy child (by “healthy” I mean there are no medical reasons for the child to be exempted from vaccination).

For this example, I will pull quotes directly from a recent New York Times Article, Vaccine Critics Turn Defensive Over Measles:

‘“It’s the worst shot,” [Missy Foster, mother to an 18 month old daughter] said, with tears in her eyes. “Do you want to wake up one morning and the light is gone from her eyes with autism or something?”’


‘Kelly McMenimen, a Lagunitas parent, said she “meditated on it a lot” before deciding not to vaccinate her son Tobias, 8, against even “deadly or deforming diseases.” She said she did not want “so many toxins” entering the slender body of a bright-eyed boy who loves math and geography.’

You’ll notice a common theme in…

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Probably TMI to the max but for those who are folowing my cancer scare saga

Well, I survived the endoscopy and colonoscopy. They found 2 polyps and a strange place in my stomach that wasn’t an ulcer but also wasn’t normal and so they sent 3 things for biopsy. For once I didn’t have to have scar tissue removed which kind of surprised me. So I wait for those results.

I scheduled the liver scan today which just happens to fall on my little brother’s birthday Feb 26, always a fun day since I miss him terribly every year especially on that day.

I was glad I had two wonderful friends that waited for me while I was having the fun things done. I feel very loved by all the support I’ve received. If you have never prepared for or had a colonoscopy it can be 24 hours of hell. I was given 64 oz of stuff to drink called Go lytely, Go Lytely, my aunt fanny, the stuff is a lot of salt to make you purge which if I hadn’t had a raw spot in my stomach might have been tolerable but have you ever tried to eat something salty with a paper cut? Now imagine that in your stomach. I ended up vomiting most of it and having the purge at the other end and in pain like there was a dragon eating my stomach from the inside out. It got ugly very quickly and sleeping for any long period of time is not an option. At 6 am I had to drink magnesium citrate which is even more fun, at least it didn’t taste like old snot. And I had to drink 10 oz of apple juice with something called infant Mylicon. Apple juice acts on me just like the other things I had to drink. And then I got picked up for my ride to the Gastro center. Nothing like being scared you are going to have an accident on your best friend’s velour car seats.

I hit the bathroom the minute we got there and then came back to fill out the paperwork. The nurses indicated that I was definitely not the first one to arrive in that fashion.

I love my doctor but I did tell him how painful the night before had been and he said that was his partner’s brainstorm. I told him next time I’m not doing that at all. The anesthesiologist was great and I remember thinking, Oh he’s starting and that was pretty much it until I woke up in recovery. The best part was hitting the IHOP for pancakes after. I was starved. I usually can’t get more than 3 pancakes eaten, I had 5 and 4 strips of bacon and a large glass of milk. I think I was hungry… and I was still running to the rest room and continued all that day and the night. I stayed home from work yesterday.

A colonoscopy does have a pretty funny side effect. They fill you full of air so they can see better and what woke me up in recovery was a series of thunderous gas passages which reduced me to about 9 years old with the giggles. At least, it made the nurse laugh who congratulated me on the accomplishment. I just wish it would stop now before I end up airborne. I even have colour pictures!