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Prayer for a Mercury Retrograde

Goddess, give me the strength and energy to survive

This Mercury Retrograde

Give me the patience of water wearing at a rock

The quick relentless energy of the red squirrel

The stick- to-it-veness of a lichen

The intelligence of the blue whale

The ability to rise from the mud of a lotus

The impassiveness when dealing with rude, stupid people of a redwood

The strength of an oak tree

The force when necessary of an octopus

And the ability to adapt of a chameleon.

Give me peace

Give me grace

Give me calmness in the face of exaggerated crisis mode

On the part of others

Let me be grounded

Let me be flexible

Let me have the ability to let things pass around me

And on to somewhere else

Goddess help me.

Goodreads addiction

I’m on Goodreads should you want to follw what I read but I’m warning yu right now it could be rather odd. I’m an eclectic reader to say the least. Last year on the reading challenge I read 177 books, but if I’m better about writing my own that could be lower.

I’m either elfkat like the blog or Kat Robb on Goodreads. So friend me if you dare. LOL!

Hazelwood Grove invocation

Brighid of the flames
Elen of the ways
Green Man of all
Carry us

Brighid of the waters
Elen of the moon paths
Green Man of the Earth
Guide us

Brighid of the forge
Elen of the flowers
Green Man, Guardian
Teach us

Brighid of the poets
Elen of wild deer
Green Man of the forests
Help us to grow

Today’s reading


The Adder
King of Wands

At this time of year adders represent serpentine Earth energies rising from the ground into the air and intertwining, as male adders struggle for dominance. (Sometimes this is mistaken for a mating ritual.) They also represent magical power, balance and the healing arts.

Raw and potent sexuality. Earth or healing energies expressed and recharged. A healer.

A rebalancing and re-empowering of one’s physical and subtle energy and creativity.