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Blessed Latha Fheile Bride

La Fheile Bride/Là Fhèill Bhrìghde

This is the proper name of the holiday pagans incorrectly call and by the way pronounce Imbolc.

And if you celebrate the eve of the holiday, it’s Oiche Fheile Bhride. Oiche is the word for night. La = day in Gaelic. It’s also sometimes spelled latha but still pronounced the same. The th is always silent. Fheile or feile when not possessive means feast or festival. The “H” after the “f “or the”b” changes the case to possessive so La Fheile Bhrighde is the Feast or Festival of Bride or Brighid and the “H” makes the “f” silent also. “Bh” is pronounced with a “v” sound. The letter “H”changes the sound of many letters, this is why in Ogham the “gh” is silent. Or the “mh” in Samhain becomes either a “v” sound or a more like a “w” sound.

Things to do:

Make a Cros Bhride, there is an instructional video up on my blog from last year.

Leave a cloth outside for Brighid to bless as she goes by in the night.

Make a biddy or Brighid’s dolly from the last bit of corn or wheat and put her to bed. In the US get some tamale wrappings from the store and some leftover fabric to construct your corn dolly. Corn in this instance actually refers to grain as a class and not to maize specifically.

Give to the poor as Brighid did.

I always keep this night as an extra flamekeeping night even if it isn’t my night to do it

In Los Angeles, with all the pear trees in bloom and dropping their petals, it really looks like Bride’s day.

So go out and celebrate Brighid’s Day.