Hey Homophobic asshat

Some fool just landed on my site after they searched Google with “Girl Scouts promote lesbianism”. For the record, it does not and only a homophobe would frame the search terms that way even if it was only internal homophobia.

Girl Scouts do not “promote” lesbianism. There are many Girl Scouts who are lesbian because GSUSA does not discriminate. There are no signs that say “Come join the dykes” any where to be found. There are no ads on Facebook to join us. We happen to love to teach and share our lives not our loves with the girls we meet. We teach how to be strong women through camping, science, entrepreneurship, self government, cooperation and other skills we feel will fit them for a contributing to the world.

We are not sexual predators like men are such as Catholic priests and Boy Scout leaders. Women born women don’t think that way.

So dear, homophobe, please go back under your rock where you belong.