Archive | January 23, 2015

A prayer for the caregivers

Quan Yin, goddess of healing

Please remember the one who gives care

To the sick and the infirm and the elderly

Quan Yin, be with them when they are

Exhausted and on their last nerve

Be with them when they wake

In the middle of the night

And wonder how much longer

Brighid, give them your strength

Get them through the longest day

That feels like it may never end

Remind them when it’s hard

To remember this is a person they love

Brighid, be their light in the dark

Let them know they are not alone

That others have passed through

Before them and will after them

And walk with them silently

Let them find willing ears to listen

And to give them respite

Hecate, be there for them

When the end is near

Never let them be alone

Let them know they are loved

Let them know the cared for are not really gone

From their love

Let them accept their time of rest is here

Let them be ready to face the black hole

That may appear before them

Let them know it is only a tunnel

Not a pit.

Let them reach out to the ones waiting for them

Let them know they are loved.

Quan Yin , lend your healing touch

Brighid lead in the dark with your flame

Hecate, catch the falling with love.

So mote it be