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Study Finds Reading to Children of All Ages Grooms Them to Read More on Their Own

My parents read to us from birth, sometimes twice a day. Before we started school we were read to at nap time (probably because I was a lousy napper.) and before bed. As a result we knew how to read well before kindergarten and by third grade I was reading at 10th grade level.

But my parents did other things too. Our house had lots of overflowing bookcases. We all got our library cards when we entered kindergarten and the tv was off most evenings and my parents were reading themselves.

The only reason my parents stopped reading to us was that for me at least, I wanted to read it myself at my own pace. It wasn’t always easy because the right sighted eye used to jump all over the place and I had to keep finding my place. That stopped in second grade when I had the eye surgery and suddenly had two eyes to see with. You have no idea what a cool thing that was to a kid who loved to read.

If you asked my parents why? Their answer was always the same, let’s look it up and when I was older, go look it up yourself. One of the biggest reasons I love the internet is that I can look up most things instantaneously and don’t have to go find an encyclopedia. To an information geek, formerly a kid who asked WHY? on everything, the internet is heaven.

So all three of us are/were big readers although my sister got to watch more tv since she was the youngest by 10 years.

Want your kids to read and do well? Read to them and read yourself. Set a good example. There are books on everything!

Pagan Studies Conference Survey – Please pass to any pagan that might qualify

So here is the link to the survey for my paper:

Please pass it to any pagan you know that might want to participate. The focus is on pagans dealing with potentially fatal conditions of any sort, like cancer, ALS, Neuro-muscular diseases, Crohn’s disease or any other problem.

It’s anonymous and data will be treated respectully and only used for study purposes. I’m doing this because there are all kinds of papers on handling grief as pagans or after death but none that I could see about Living! as a pagan with disease