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Facing the Dark

Due to personal circumstances and a bee up my butt, I’m changing my topic for the Pagan Studies conference. I’m going to do it on pagans facing potentially fatal disease, illness or conditions (things like cancer, MS, ALS and other diseases that don’t have a good outcome) and whether it affects or changes their spirituality and how.

Haven’t quite got a title but maybe “Facing the Dark”?

Challenges for new Druids

I would never have known how to find any pagans if my friend Kathy hadn’t dragged me to my first meeting with the local coven and I sorely needed the help at the time. Thanks to her and Merrie and Sherlyn of Lorraine Covenant back in 1984.

Druid Life

Go back twenty years and more, and the challenges for new Pagans and Druids were very different. There weren’t many books about Paganism, and if you didn’t know titles and authors, you’d have trouble tracking them down. Your local library wouldn’t carry them, most likely. Pagans of decades past were more cautious by far – there were no laws to protect us and a Pagan could lose their job for their faith. Back before the internet, your local moot, grove or coven would be considerably harder to locate. Finding other Pagans took time and patience, and you had to jump through a lot of hoops before anyone would spot you and take you seriously.

Today’s challenges are perhaps not so obvious. Five minutes with a search engine will give you information that would once have required years of patient hunting, asking and waiting. Most Pagans are ‘out’ and you can…

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