Blessings on a January morning

I ask the blessings of the day as I walk through the amber of pre-dawn light

And send kisses to the full moon as it sets in the west

Blessings through this day and to the twilight and through the night

Blessings of morning kitten kisses

Blessings of sidewalks covered with the last of the falling leaves

Blessings of the croaking raven in the liquidamber

Blessings of the mockingbird singing the first songs of spring

Blessings of the blooming camellia and it’s tender pink blossoms

Blessings of the brisk breeze of early morning

Blessings of the first sips of hot tea

Blessings of the light aroma of coming spring after cold

Blessings of being alive and able to move, and think and dream

Be with me this day and every day and with all that I hold dear.