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Dear Evangelical Ministers

Because they are landing here again,

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

Many times when I put the prayers I write to be used by other druids and pagans as well as myself, in daily practice, I get an influx of evangelical holy roller ministers as followers. (I can tell by their bible hammering “about” pages, I am not impressed. As Shakespeare said,

“The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.
An evil soul producing holy witness
Is like a villain with a smiling cheek,
A goodly apple rotten at the heart.
O, what a goodly outside falsehood hath!”

And you as far as I’m concerned are evil because humans are the creators of evil and thieves are evil)

I have no clue why but I wish you would go away.

And I would like to say to those ministers if you are using any of those prayers as your own in a Christian church, I hope you get what you richly…

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Blessings on a January morning

I ask the blessings of the day as I walk through the amber of pre-dawn light

And send kisses to the full moon as it sets in the west

Blessings through this day and to the twilight and through the night

Blessings of morning kitten kisses

Blessings of sidewalks covered with the last of the falling leaves

Blessings of the croaking raven in the liquidamber

Blessings of the mockingbird singing the first songs of spring

Blessings of the blooming camellia and it’s tender pink blossoms

Blessings of the brisk breeze of early morning

Blessings of the first sips of hot tea

Blessings of the light aroma of coming spring after cold

Blessings of being alive and able to move, and think and dream

Be with me this day and every day and with all that I hold dear.

Dree yer ain Weird – a thought for a January morning of beginnings

Something most Scots have heard if their family still keeps its culture. To “Dree yer ain weird is to follow, practice, suffer your own destiny.

The underlying theme of growing up is to find out what you are meant to do and do it. But how many of us actually do, do it? Sometimes it’s easier to go with the flow or what our parent’s ideas of what we should grow up to be.

Oddly enough it goes handily with the Church of Scotland/Presbyterian view of predestination and the belief in free will that I was raised with at church and that doesn’t change with my paganism. I do think we choose our own individual destiny even if it’s in not choosing and going with the flow. It’s still a choice and you still exercised free will to not make a choice.

And in a weird way, coming out as a lesbian helped me make choices other than what my parents had in mind because once I had decided to throw out the conditioning to be straight and settle down and provide grandchildren, I was free to decide what I did want to do. I could decide who I lived with or if I lived with any one at all. I was free to choose my dreams. I’m free to write anything I get an idea to write about and thanks to technology be a published author.

It freed me to take the next step and follow what my grandmother had been teaching me and expand into a pagan life. It freed me to determine my own spiritual beliefs and ethics and not to blindly do what I was told without thinking about it. From what I read on Facebook, a lot of my high school contemporaries are still living their lives the way their parents did. The ones I find interesting are the ones who by some circumstance have made their own choices and are not the people they were in high school. Sometimes, not always the best choices but they made choices outside of what would have been pre-determined by their parents. I just found out a friend in high school who I really liked a lot and admired his creativity died of AIDS 10 years ago. He made his own choices to not grow up in Glendale and get married to a nice girl but to be a creative human being and from what I know of him in high school, come out, and I wonder if he regrets those choices or loved the time he had after making those choices.

I think we choose lessons to learn before we return to earth. Each time we return we choose new lessons. We choose the people we have those lessons with. Sometimes it’s learning that certain people are toxic and are working their own set of lessons.

The choices we make after we are born put us in circumstances to learn those lessons. And if we don’t complete the lesson then we get another chance if we would like in the next life. I hope I always choose lessons of love and creativity.

So do ye choose ta dree yer ain weird or are ye dreeing someone else’s?