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Musings Meanderings and Cogitations

This is going to be an interesting year. That’s the nice way of putting it. I was very interested in the fact that the card for this year was Creativity. I’m hoping it’s the good kind of creativity and not the bad kind of Creativity. What would the bad kind be? I go in for a possible biopsy and tumor removal on February 4th. My lovely and unfortunately accurate Gastro doc thinks I have colon cancer. And he was a bit miffed that I hadn’t seen him when I was unemployed but unemployed = no insurance and no treatment even when you don’t feel like everything is working like it should and I was unemployed for 5 ½ years and didn’t have insurance until almost 6 years so I haven’t gone back for my yearly testing that he wanted because I had a huge polyp the first time I had a colonoscopy. He even tattooed the site so he could find it again so I have a tattoo no one can see, not even me.

On the other hand the Tomte story want first one in a year so maybe the muses will start bugging me again. That would be good.

And in case you hadn’t figured it on along the way, I live in LA. It’s supposed to be warm here in winter. It isn’t at the moment. It was 29 yesterday morning and 31 while I was waiting on the stone bus bench this morning. My bottom is still frozen. I’m thinking I might have to buy those flannel lined jeans from LL Bean. I ordered long underwear yesterday and I’m going to get Stablicers for my trip to Portland so I don’t fall on my keester. I’d rather not break anything while there but the way things are going here I may need them for walking to the bus. Everything was covered in ice this morning. One of my next door neighbors was bitching at her partner when he told her to get the ice off the back window and she said it wasn’t ice, yeah right, lady, that’s why your hand stuck to the glass. Duh!

I’ve been sleeping in a thick longsleeve tshirt and leggings with flannel sheets and a think comforter topped by my fleece sleeping bag liner but I’m seriously considering climbing up into my closet shelving to get my Hudson Bay blanket., I inherited it when I inherited my bed and it’s over 100 years old and it is almost too warm. It’s a lovely green 4 point that I’m sure came with my great-grandparents when they moved from Canada. They got to LA on January 1st 1901 and my grandmother was 11 years old. So we’ve been here 114 years now. They moved for grandma’s health my grandpa’s family moved from Sweden to Duluth MN and then when they had learned English moved to LA. My great-grandmother said she was not living some place that was colder than Sweden so sometime in the early 1910s they got here and planted themselves.

All those covers are fine until the hot flash hits and I have to stick a foot out from under the pile.

I’ve been playing a game on my Kindle that my sister got me hooked on because she needed someone to send her stuff for the challenges. It’s called Treasure Diving and it’s the weirdest mish mash of stuff. You start off with fish that look like the ones in “Finding Nemo” and then you have to rescue Captain Jack and there are Jurassic Park type levels and then every once in awhile you hit pagan shit. Right now I have to build an altar to the Goddess Ostara and we’ve been having a holiday challenge with penguins and evil snowmen so they are pillaging from all over. That doesn’t count the mermaids, kraken, Sirens and Banshees and that you have to visit Atlantis on one level, they have stuck in there.

I don’t do resolutions. Number one, I see no point in it when I’m probably not going to keep it any way. And Number two, as a pagan my new year was October 31 not January 1st and so what is a pagan doing have a New Year’s resolution when it isn’t their New Year. I’m still trying to figure out why they had a New Year’s stampede in Shanghai China yesterday, Their New Year’s is not until February 19th this year. I only did the card reading above because I forgot on Hallows.

I’m hoping to visit my friends, Paul and gerry, the founders of Rowantree Church and Hermit’s Grove up in Seattle sometime this year but we’ll see what the Goddess has planned for me.

I was going through some of my old Issues yesterday of the Pallas Society newsletter that became the Pagan Digest and then died in the late 90’s when the internet became more popular. I used to write a couple of columns, Timkin the Elf’s children’s column and the original Rantings of a Middle Aged Hedgewitch. I had forgotten how many wonderful people we had writing for us over the years, (I was an editor too by the end and sometime illustrator) We had Paul Beyerl, Donald Michael Kraig, Steve Blamires and many other cool and talented people. We also had a few idiots too like Forest River but no one’s perfect. Forest famously accused us of only publishing lesbians which was news to a lot of people since we were also printing his stuff and for the record, I was the only lesbian writing a column when he said it, idiot.

I miss newsletters, The Unicorn is the only one that is still going that I know of, Go Paul and Rowantree Church!

Oh and it’s my 3rd year anniversary of me coming here from Livejournal.