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Because all the cool kids are doing it, meme

  1. How did you encounter Paganism, Witchcraft or Magick for the first time?

Unofficially when my grandmother taught me to talk to trees and see faeries and have intention while cooking and sewing

Officially when my friend dragged me to her coven to get control of out of control psychic skills

  1. What was your first book?

Positive Magic by Marion Weinstein, it was the only book in those days before Amazon that was readily accessible

  1. What was the first spell you ever performed?

Charming a sachet with my grandmother

  1. What was your first crystal or stone? A piece of Smithsonite I got as a kid
  2. Who was the first God and/or Goddess you encountered on your path?

Don’t remember

  1. How did you first meet other Pagans?

When I got dragged to the coven meeting

  1. What was the first public Festival, Meetup, or Public gathering you attended?

I think it was Harvest moon 1985

  1. What was the first class or workshop you took?

Selena Fox’s spirit animal class at Harvest Moon, I think

  1. What was the first chant you learned?

No clue

  1. What was the first method of divination you learned?

One my grandmother used involving a board that looked like a cribbage board but you pushed sayings out of it with a metal rod and I have never seen one since.

  1. What was your first tool?

My hands, I suppose, my grandmother said hands could do anything, as an adult, I suppose my first athame or a trowel

  1. What was the first method or exercise you learned for energy work?

I have no clue, it was 30 years ago, the first one I teach is the energy ball

  1. What is a memorable favorite first on your path that wasn’t included in the above

The first time a tree talked back when I was 9


Your Gender Identity Just Doesn’t Mean Anything.


“Gender identity” is a misnomer, it would be better phrased as personality or sense of fashion and aesthetic. Of course, as many trans activist have righteously pointed out to me that what I’m referring to is “gender expression”, not “gender identity” and then fail to cite a discernible difference. The truth is, gender identity simply doesn’t exist despite what a patriarchal society desperately wants you to believe, and I understand many of you do believe. It’s easy after all to think certain qualities are exclusive to male or female people when we live in a world that’s so invested in the programming of gender. From birth many children are surrounded by an environment that is suppose to represent that child’s biological sex. The boy and his blue room with cars and the girl and her pink room with dolls and it goes from there, spiraling out into insidious directions. This…

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Ayslyn’s Tarot challenge

Tarot Card Chain Challenge Questions:

What was the first deck you ever used/received/played with?
It was so long ago I’m not sure but I think it was the Aquarian deck and I really didn’t like it which sent me looking for a better one. I think I have about 60 decks and oracles now.

How long have you been reading the cards? About 30 years because my first HP had over 80 decks and was professional reader and damn well expected you to at least make a stab at it as well as the I Ching.

What is your primary deck and why? The one I read the best with is probably the Robin Wood but I love the Greenwood deck by Chesca Potter and Mark Ryan and occasionally others. It depends on the people and the answer I’m seeking. Oddly enough, I can’t really read with any of the feminist/Dianic decks like Motherpeace, I went to a weekend tarot thingie with Vicki Noble and she pissed me off by bragging that it was bad art and she knew it and was proud it was bad art and as an artist that really made me mad.and I haven’t been able to use it since. I do like Fiona Morgan’s Daughters of the Moon deck especially they old ones that your coloured yourself. It really helped me to learn the cards but I can’t read with it at all but I still love the images and the fact that it was colour it yourself.

Do you have different decks for different purposes? Yes

What time of day do you like to read the most? Morning and on holidays, in the evening.

Do you use any other forms of divination. Yes, I use the Ogham and runes occasionally and I love the Druid Animal Oracle and I use the Medicine wheel deck

What was the most powerful reading you’ve ever done? I really couldn’t say. I’ve had some scary ones from the situation I was reading in and the people I was reading for but powerful? Not really

#SharedGirlhood: Puberty

Bella Solanum

Have been reading this wonderful article on experiences of starting periods: The Day I Got My First Period

There are some wonderful stories there, I’ve laughed at some (Call the Cops), cried happy tears at others (Bring us together), and felt saddened by others (Cosmopolitan Past). While they are all different stories by individuals from different eras and backgrounds they all have a common thread.

I have no love for menstruation, you’ll find no desire for period parties here. I see no strength in the menstruation itself, for me personally it’s been hellish from the very start. But there is great strength in the shared experiences of women, it transcends age and location.

Every born woman will have past experience of menstruation, yes, even those whose bodies didn’t do as they were meant to. Because they too will have grown up watching their peers go through it, and felt the…

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Today’s reading


  The Sun
A powerful symbol of light and fertility, The Sun heralds a season blessed with joyous enlightenment, robust health and emotional harmony. As the glorious rays of cleansing sunrise spill light into the shadows of your heart and life, so the warmth must reach into your very bones and energize your spirit.

It is time to let the inner sun at the core of your being shine for all to see, bringing warmth, light and harmony to others, and by doing so to connect with the consciousness of the universal mind.

The Sun also beckons you to see beyond the noise and clatter of human reality and become aware of the vastness and generosity of the cosmic soul.

A union with the wonder of life. Bliss. Health and happiness. Spiritual teaching. A rare heart. Transcendent joy.