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Awesome LEGO Set Design

Feminist Philosophers

Alatariel (who designed this female scientist mini LEGO set) has another project up for review; Science Adventures, which features two female and one male scientists. If the set gets 10,000 votes LEGO will consider producing it (as they did the previous set). Voting requires setting up a LEGO ID, but it’s quick and easy to do!

(Thanks R!)

Science Adventures LEGO set

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Today’s reading


  The Hare
Queen of Wands

Hares have been linked to the spring (Eostre = Anglo Saxon hare goddess) and sexuality since Celtic times when it was considered taboo to kill them. Prolific breeders, they also represent fertility and potential. Hares are also famous for the `boxing’ ritual during March.

An empowered and energised person, with the ability to utilise their full potential, as long as they are not tempted to use that power against themselves or others.