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Be Wild this Holiday and Find the Face of God(dess) by Marie Cartier

MarieCartierforKCETa-thumb-300x448-72405I know that you all will be reading this the day after Christmas…so this is my Christmas and/or winter holiday gift to you. I so love the Feminism and Religion (FAR) community—its discourse, intelligence, and its community of like minds. And I appreciate that so many of us offer lessons to each other on how to live—wild. For in some ways the very juxtaposition of the words “feminism” and “religion” posits an out of bounds existence. What does it mean?

I was recently asked how I would teach a class on “women and religion.” Among my first responses was that I would, among other texts, use the book The Feminine Face of God: the Unfolding of the Sacred in Women by Sherry Ruth Anderson and Patricia Hopkins (1992). Although this book was published over two decades ago it still holds, perhaps unfortunately, as true today as then. The text is…

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Two of Arrows

False judgement, ignorance or arrogance. Sitting in judgement but with unbalanced scales. The bow lies broken and useless because of prejudice.

The scales of justice are already unbalanced in favour of the light, and the ‘white’.

Someone who judges others from a position of arrogant superiority, often stemming from a fearful withdrawn heart.