Yeah, we went to see the last part of that tiny book The Hobbit

We went to see the Hobbit on Saturday morning which I enjoyed once I disengaged my mind from the book and they did preserve the main thing I was worried about. Spoiler Alert: whether they would kill off all the sons of Durin like Tolkien did and whether they would take Thorin to the dark side as far as he went in the book. Still not sure if it was bad enough to suit me, he reformed way too quickly.

I still object to the fact that the book is called the Hobbit but Peter Jackson seems to think it was called the Thorin Oakenshield Show before it finally returns its focus to Bilbo where it belongs. I’m assuming because Bilbo isn’t a glamourous fighter. And there still aren’t any female elves in the Hobbit, period.

So I really like it as long as I didn’t remember the book and no matter what they say it isn’t all in the Appendices of the Lord of the Rings

It was just as I feared though when they showed a thing in their First Look pre movie thing about Unbroken. It had interviews with Louis and his beautiful soul and smile and I cried hard all the way through. Thank heavens there were only about 10 people in the theater and no one near us. If I go see this movie, I fear I will cry all the way through it even with an actor I don’t know playing Louise, damn!