Baking Education

The story of my baking education, willing and unwilling

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

It’s funny looking at all these recipes and realizing that whether I liked it at the time or not, the culinary education I received in baking people pay a lot to learn now. The three of us were not so willing sous chefs to my mom’s cookie juggernaut.

I found some notes of hers in the recipe file about making all the cookies. Her personal best was the year she made 34 varieties of cookies. I remember that year because it was the only year she made some things. I remember a sandwich cookie that I loved that she decided it was too much trouble to make again but it was really good. I guess at some point some one asked her for one favourite recipe of the family and she said she couldn’t because everyone had a different favourite cookie or two or three.

I remember feeling like an…

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