Three more Winter Goddesses in my life

reblogged from last year but the way this year is going…

Uranata, Rudolpha and Digita Frigida.

We have three new Goddesses in Southern California courteous of Climate change. The average low temperature for Los Angeles is 49.7 and for the last 2 weeks it’s been in the high 20’s and the low 30’s in the San Fernando Valley. Last night was a low record of 34 in downtown. It’s time we got to know the goddesses from other parts of the word.

Uranata is the goddess associated with dead runs to the toilet to pee induced by sudden exposure to cold. She is friendly with a previously mentioned goddess Sonambula. She can be invoked by sticking a foot out from under the blanket if a hot flash hits, stepping onto a kitchen’s tile floor, walking to the bus in the morning and out of work at night and drinking tea or hot chocolate before bed. Her sacrifices are the noise made when hitting cold bathroom tile in the night and the involuntary exhalation when hitting a frigid toilet seat and the freezing of the hands washing up afterwards. She has a wicked sense of humour as does Rudolpha.

Rudolpha is the goddess of red noses, chapped cheeks and reddened lips and ears. Her dedicants are popular on travel posters of Sweden , Scotland and other northern climes but she is steadily working her way south to Southern California like every other snowbird. She is invoked by quick walks to the bus or train, checking for mail or the newspaper and any other outside venture in cold temperatures. Her sacrifices are the flaking skin from chapped skin and the surface of your tongue if you are stupid enough to lick something metal when it’s freezing.

Digita Frigida is the goddess of cold hands and feet. The easiest of the goddess to propitiate via a pair of gloves or mittens or warm socks and if necessary sticking your hands in your armpits. Or if she follows you to bed, under the dog or cat or if necessary the back of anyone you share a bed with. This last one can get you summarly dumped out of the afore mentioned bed. If not propitiated correctly she delights in stiffening your hands and sometimes causing pain in the fingers and toes. Her sacrifices are the stinging sensation as the fingers and toes warm up and in extreme cases the loss of said digits. She is the most cruel of the winter goddesses.

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