O My Goddess! I wrote the Yule Ritual

I’m having fun, for the first time I wrote our TOILA Yule ritual.  No one had volunteered to do it and I had a minor brain storm. Rituals are not usually my thing. I lead the carols every year and take the pictures but this year my inner Arch Druidess wanted to run around and play.

It’s nothing elaborate, in fact it speaks to the simplicity that is forgotten this time of year but is the root of the story of the season. It isn’t about the gifts or worrying you are going to forget something. It’s about sharing the light of love that is in all our hearts and that sometimes we forget.

Last night at about 3 in the morning when we were being hit with 60 mph winds (that denuded one of the big palm trees up the street) and it was pouring buckets (A nice bright red on the Doppler radar) I had the words come to a carol that I have been trying to re-write for years. I love plain chant and Gregorian chant and I love the carol, O come, O come Emmanuel, and try as I might over the years I haven’t found the right words. They came last night in the storm.

“O come, O come, O Solstice Light

And shine upon our hearts so bright

The light of love that echoes here

And shines out to all who love us here

Rejoice, Rejoice, and listen to your heart

A single light that brightens the dark

Rejoice, Rejoice and listen to your heart

And share the spark of love in every heart.”

And the ritual starts like this:

A Light enters the darkened room and moves to the center

A voice in the darkness says

Priestess 1 “Love is the beacon we are all drawn to.”

A voice from a different place around the room

Priestess 2 “We are love and we are drawn to each other.”

Two people from different places repeat.

Priestess 3 & 4 “Love is the beacon we are all drawn to.”

Priestesses light candles around the room

All Priestesses Present “Love is life, love is light, love is the beacon we are all drawn to.”

And it goes on, the rest you will have to wait for. 😉

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