Archive | November 26, 2014

Fed up with the holier than thou crap

I will be going to Target tomorrow when it opens. Why because my sister has to work and we can’t do without the money. It’s so nice all the people who are posting about not shopping on Thanksgiving. I’m glad you are privileged to have money enough to do that. I won’t be shopping. I will be dropping her off and picking her up again at 1 am. I will be doing this because she normally rides her bicycle and I hate when she has to do it in the middle of the night because we can’t afford insurance for 2 cars, or two cars, period because an idiot ran a red light and hit her and she lost her license because she couldn’t afford rent and insurance on what Target pays. This is also why most Target employees are on Medicaid now which is at least cheaper than Targets old insurance that they dropped when Obamacare came in and they cut most of the employee hours to 32 a week. Did you think it was only Walmart that did that?

So tomorrow if you are feeling all holy because you aren’t shopping remember the people who can’t afford not to be there. And if they weren’t there they wouldn’t be getting paid.