13 thoughts on “Californian ‘Adventurers’ Club’ Votes to Keep Women Out | TIME

          • As a lesbian and some one that molested as a child I do want safe space as far from men as possible. Men can’t behave in women’s circles, It always becomes about them and what they want and not what women need


            • Ever think the women have (in some cases) been the cause of this by allowing men to become depended on them and abuse them? Not saying this is the reason in all cases, but in many societies we seem to cater to the men’s every whim and spoil them so they THINK they are the ones who are allowed to do this to women. My father and mother never had a problem since both had been raised to respect people and be strong. They were equals in everything they did. Where as my husband (whom I get ticked off on many occasions) was raised to think women are only suppose to take care of them.I have broken him of many of those thoughts and habits, but he still has a lot to learn.


      • I’m not. I right in the eye of the storm. There are male Dianics, and it has created a huge controversy and a rift in the community. Z Budapest initiated a man, and Ruth Barrett is no longer speaking to her. The group in the desert wanted to include transwomen and the group in L.A. is disowning them. This is the latest, but it is also old news. The group that I used to belong to in the early 80s got disowned for initiating a man. It is an ongoing thing.

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    • Yes, but these were he-man adventurers when they used to give school assemblies and were obnoxious about women not being able to do what they allegedly did


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