Archive | November 6, 2014

A late Samhain surprise

I have a digital picture frame on my desk that keeps a running slide show going of around 700 photos. A lot of the people I have on there are pictures of people that are no longer on this plane and when they catch my eye when I’m working since it’s under my computer monitor, I say a small blessing.

Every once in awhile I get a surprise from it since it runs over and over it has a tendency to become background visual noise until something catches my attention. I will start having my attention captured by the same photo every time it comes up in a weird sort of backwards divination. Why that photograph and why now?

This morning it was a picture from the Pagan Studies conference a few years ago and it was a photo of the ritual Selena Fox helped with and I noticed the person standing to her left that I hadn’t really processed was in the photo. Usually I just see Selena being her ebullient self. But this time I saw who was standing there for the first time. It was my friend, Janet who committed suicide this year. So, I said my blessing but why it caught my attention that she was in the photo for the first time. I have no idea. I’ve been running this crop of photos about 6 months now. So Hail Janet! What is remembered lives.