Distractify | 23 Reasons Why Getting Your Period Is Worse Than The Apocalypse


So glad I’m done with this! Hallelujah!


3 thoughts on “Distractify | 23 Reasons Why Getting Your Period Is Worse Than The Apocalypse

  1. I am happy that Auntie Flo isn’t visiting any more. BUT I still have months where I get moody, bloated and cramps, and gain five pounds over night (but lose it over night within 2-3 days…). On top of that will the blasted hot flashes NEVER cease? C’mon, I haven’t had a full on period since 2009.


    • Is there a food that you crave just before the moodyness? I found that when I craved chocolate just before my (Auntie Flo) came for her visit that I was super moody. Since the person that I became frightened me so much I gave up chocolate for the two weeks just before my period and she went away. Also for the bloating and cramps try a Tarragon tea at night before you go to bed. You just take some tarragon leaves and put them in hot water, put a saucer over the top of the cup and let it sit. The more tarragon you put in the cup the stronger it will be. If you want you can remove the leaves before you drink the brew, maybe even add some honey, if you need it. I always left the leaves in the cup to add to the strength of the mixture. Drink it while it is still hot. Not only will it help you with the cramps but it will help you sleep better


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