Warding and when it doesn’t work

About yesterday’ post about our visitor and warding: I have found some things out over the 30 years I’ve been actively practicing.

At Hallows all bets are off if it’s a relative or friend who wants to communicate. I don’t know if it’s because of Gaelic/Scots tradition that you invite them to the table to visit. (That may be one of the reasons for pumpkins/turnips in the shape of people’s faces. Since originally the Picts are said to have had their relatives and honoured enemies skulls at the table at Samhain. Skull = pumpkin/turnip head) My relations think it’s fine to pop in any time but some times are worse than others. Birthdays, holidays, death days and Hallows are the worst/best? Bad hospitality is a sin amongst the Gaels. Don’t piss the relatives off.

Crazy or people way out of balance or really angry people pay no attention to wards cast. They just don’t see or seem to feel them and barge on in.

Deities, nature spirits and devas give a rat’s ass for wards if they want to communicate and see a way in. I found that out the Samhain we drank mugwort tea and had a guided meditation. An angry demigod that only speaks archaic Gaelic is not someone you want in your head. Way too big, it really hurt.

So wards are nice in theory but only if the thing being warded against feels them and feels like obeying them.