Archive | September 24, 2014

an Autumn Equinox prayer

I ask the blessing of this fall season on all I care about.

Blessing of the equinox sunlight at dawn that travels directly from the east and that sets in west

Blessings of the squirrel that rains down pine cone petals preparing for cold

Blessings of the raven keeping a careful eye on the garden

Blessing of the plants setting seed for next year

Blessing of the falling sycamore leaves in the yard

Blessings of the taste of freshly harvested corn

Blessings of the brightness of colour from pumpkins and squash

Blessings of the fall Santa Ana winds that blow.

Blessings of the crisp morning air

Be with me and those I love from the later dawn

Through the violet and pinks of twilight

Through the midnight blue of stars and night

To the next dawn of light.


Flying again

Friday morning Di and I get on a plane to Portland again. This is the second time for Di and the third for me this year. We go to be with our Grove sisters and to be with M who has ALS. I wish we could go more often but one has to say PTO up to get the time to do it. The last two times were 5 days, this time it’s only 4, not near enough time for all we want and need to say and do with each other.

We go because we love Mary and we are losing her bit by bit. We go because her partner D needs to be supported by what little support we can give. Love, though is the biggest reason.

There is no other reason I would get on an airplane. Pre- 9/11 I loved to fly. Now I hate it. No one getting on a plane has any civil rights anymore. Everyone is a potential terrorist. Everyone is guilty until proven innocent and I hate it. M & D are the only reason to go through an airport other than airport socks. I have to admit airports and museums are the only place you can get nice, soft pretty cotton socks that last. I’m still wearing a bunch I bought in the Minneapolis airport eons ago.

It’s supposed to rain the entire time we are there so we are planning movies and games and just talking and enjoying one another’s company. And maybe a ritual or two, who knows? A rain dance to send some to CA?

This is will be fun.