Archive | September 21, 2014


I don’t watch tv much and what i do watch is downloaded to my Kindle. 

I just finished watching the last season of Hawaii 50 and I have to say they must not have a single woman writer on staff because they don’t write for their female characters any better than James Patterson does. I keep expecting the women to scratch their balls or spit. Probably why Christine Lahti hasn’t been on this season. Come on writers! Maybe you should watch a few episodes of Rizzoli and Isles? They come closer to how women actually speak and interact.


Today’s reading


Seven of Cups

A time to honour what is dead, to mourn for what has gone and to learn the lesson of letting go, offering thanks for memories and being at peace with the past.

Ancestors remembered.

… a reminder of rebirth. Grief and mourning for a loss in one’s life. Necessary emotional release. An honouring and a respect for that death.